Bible Studies

Life is filled with big decisions.

Some are so exciting we can’t wait

to celebrate them.  Some are so challenging that we know we’ll need help to follow through.

      That’s why we study the Bible, book by book, chapter by chapter to find out God’s direction through life’s ups and downs.


Simply put, Communion is worship through rememberance.  The church family gathers together remembering the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ by eating and drinking a small portion of bread and juice as demonstrated in the New Testament.

Small Groups

We believe Jesus changes lives.

That change is not a quick-fix, but happens as we submit our lives to Him.  It’s a journey and we need one another for encouragement, comfort and help along the way.



Worship is more than music–

songs of worship are prayers of thanks, awe, need and devotion

that prepare our hearts to be changed by God's presence.


Our worship services are energetic and uplifting and song selections are thoughtfully chosen to bring us into an atmosphere of adoration praise and thanksgiving.


Artistic expression is important here. We use art to illustrate God’s wonderful design all around us.  We incorporate art in our children’s ministries.




Finding something greater than ourselves and giving it our attention, time and emotional investment, then sharing it with

the world around us is a vital part of who we are as Christians.


Every time a person chooses to begin a relationship with Jesus Christ and follow Him for life, God and all in heaven celebrate. Sharing His love for us with the community outside the walls of the church is an important part of our ministry.

Food Bank

RevChurch encourages donations of food and groceries to local distributors for the less fortunate in the San Clemente area as a way of sharing the love  and compassion of Jesus Christ.